What Today’s Nobel Peace Prize Offers?

nache di Liberal


October 15, 2010

by Wei Jingsheng

Once, the Nobel Peace Prize was the one prize in the world that received most people’s attention. Awardees like Nelson Mandela represented those who offered the world a moral example. They inspired people to make sacrifices for ideals and beliefs, for other people’s happiness. Awardees like Sakharov represented the opposition current of suppressed people under a Communist rule, as well as the conscience of the intellectuals. They led the people to tear down the Berlin Wall, to bring hope to those people yearning for democracy and freedom.

If a person took part in the Tiananmen movement, but then bowed to the authoritarian rule and repented in prison, we can forgive him, understanding his difficulty. But, we will never set him up as a role model to educate young people, to teach our own children.

If this person not only bowed to repent, but also helped the butchers lie on the autocratic regime’s official television station nationwide about the 1989 democracy movement in Beijing, claiming that he did not see any people die in TianAnMen Square when there was a bloodshed from the June 4 Massacre, then we already have difficulty forgiving him. That is because he has become the accomplice of the executioners. Maybe it was his wish to be released to be the reluctant reason, which he later expressed in his letter to his friends very clearly.

If, after his release, when he did not have to bear the pressure of prison, he still used an even more vicious slander to defame that 1989 democracy movement, claiming that it was a movement initiated by lies and deceiving people, then this person’s moral credit is completely bankrupt.

That person is Liu Xiaobo, this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner. So which kind of role model does the Nobel Peace Prize Committee want to set for the young people in this world? Do not say they do not understand these situations. These statements are in the official record, some of which are written in the books Liu Xiaobo published himself.

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee obviously anticipated these situations. Before they announced the award, they said that this year’s Peace Prize will bring a new direction for the world. In other words, regardless of the moral image, they want to bring a new political direction. In the cases of Andrei Sakharov and Lech Walesa, they encouraged the resistance movements by the people which Sakharov and Walesa represented.

Liu Xiaobo indeed represents a different kind of movement in China. When the people are forced to pick up their cleaver for self defense, when a teenage girl has to kill the people who tried to gang rape her, Liu’s movement holds its attitude against them, even though they have no recourse through the autocratic state. When people use legal means to peacefully ask the tyrants to return their property and rights, Liu and his gang apply cynicism against them.

So to other people, the actions of Liu are not opposition, not dissident, but being the accomplice of the Communist regime. Is that the new direction that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is trying to bring the world? Indeed, it is. As the Chinese Communists use their business opportunity to buy out the capitalists over the world, the Western politicians who are bought out by the capitalists need a political direction like this. If the expression in the past was not obvious enough, and did not make an impact in China, then this time’s Nobel Peace Prize is using a much more explicit way to tell people opposed to the suppression: Western democracies do not support you.

Even the warmth of a Children’s Choir and an empty seat cannot cover up this cold reality.
__ __ __

The original Italian version of the article in .pdf file is in the attachment.




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