Liu Xiaobo Conveyed the Wrong Message to the World Through “I Have No Enemies”

Text by Diane Liu , Translation by Professor Xu Yi

December 10 is an extraordinary day to many people, because it is the day Alfred Nobel passed away, the International Human Rights Day and the day the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. However, for this day in 2010, instead of holding high the flag of human rights, the award ceremony this year read aloud “I Have No Enemies — My Final Statement” by Liu Xiaobo, this year’s Nobel Peace Prize laureate. The message conveyed to the world by this statement is that people should forget the crimes against humanity committed by the totalitarian Chinese communist regime and forgive the regime unconditionally.

“I Have No Enemies — My Final Statement ” is a court statement made by Liu Xiaobo on December 23, 2009, after he had been illegally detained for a year. As soon as it was released, the statement was severely criticized by Chinese pro-democracy activists both within and outside of China.

At a time when people were protesting against the illegal detention of Liu Xiaobo for his speech, Liu himself elaborated on the “humane management” of the prison, claiming that “the Chinese Communist Party has made progress in its governing concept” and that “human rights have become one of the fundamental principles of Chinese law.” One may rightly ask, if the Chinese Communist Party has made such progress as declared by Liu, why did it arrest him and sentence him to 11 years in prison just for his speech?

The fact is, human rights conditions in China have worsened: The Chinese Communist Party has been continuously persecuting Falun Gong, a spiritual faith group, for over 11 years, and more than ever before the people have been imprisoned for being treated as “the factor causing instability of the society.” As a result, those civil rights activists, journalists, blog writers, religious believers, and people who try to protect their own legal rights and interests become political prisoners or prisoners of conscience. The persecution of people involved in the June 4th movement in 1989 is still happening. All this shows that the Chinese Communist regime has never stopped abusing human rights, and never honored their promise to respect human rights.

Just on that day on December 10, 2010, Mr. Wu Wenjian, who was labeled as a “June 4th rioter” and was imprisoned for many years, wrote in Twitter:

“Last night, I asked a friend to send me through text message in real time moment by moment scenes at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. My eyes were wet: It has been 21 years! …… When Liu Xiaobo’s ‘My Final Statement’ was read, my heart sank to the bottom …… After paying the price of my youth and 21 years of hardship, what I have waited for is that the message to the world that ‘I have no enemies’ and ‘I have no hatred’. The ‘My Final Statement’ is no less than a letter of compliment to the Chinese Communist Party’s progress on human rights, which is spreading all over the world via the award ceremony.”

“I have no enemies” is a betrayal of the prisoners of conscience, a defamation of those who perished in the June 4th massacre, and an insult to those who have sacrificed so much for the cause of democratization in China. It is a continuation of Liu’s whitewashing of the human rights record in China in the last 20 years, and it is yet another exposure of himself as a hypocrite who always tries to please the Chinese Communist Regime. This is a re-enactment of his speech on the Chinese national TV 20 years ago openly denying that any killing had occurred in Tiananmen Square.

Twenty years ago, Liu proposed his “no enemy” maxim, namely, not treating the Communist Party as an enemy. Today, the moderate collaborationists defend him by saying that this is his “great love” after achieving thorough awakening and enlightenment. In fact, this is deliberately confusing religious and legal concepts by substituting modern legal justice and protection of human rights with religious forgiveness.

We all know that a nation has no future if it forgets its own history. The memorials erected by the Jewish people all over the world tell the world that “those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it.” At the moment when the Chinese Communist Party is trampling human rights without fear, Liu Xiaobo’s call for people not to treat Communism as an enemy is to ask people to forget the crimes committed by the regime, to forget the unspeakable sufferings of hundreds of millions of Chinese people under the totalitarian Communist rule, and to forgive the Communist regime who is still continuing to commit crimes.

Today, in dealing with the Chinese Communist regime, the West has softened its stand on human rights due to consideration for its own economic interests, and lessened the pressure on the Chinese Communist Party. In such a background, the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo, a highly controversial figure, and the reading of his “I Have No Enemies — My Final Statement” on the awarding ceremony gives him another chance to whitewash the human rights record of the Chinese Communist regime. Not only does all this hurt the Chinese democracy cause and the opponents under suppression and persecution within China, but also shames the Nobel Peace Prize Award itself.

Diane Xiaodong Liu
Freelance writer, Pen name: San Mei. Blacklisted by CCP for supporting and participating in Chinese pro-democracy movements. Now living in Chicago, USA.
Tel: 312-733-8123

Xu Yi
Associate Professor at University College London, UK. Blacklisted by CCP for supporting and participating in Chinese pro-democracy movements, and denied passport renewal for many years. Now living in London, UK.

Cell: +44 07910 455 428.
Tel: 020 7679 4082 (internal 24082)
Fax: 020 7679 4238




十二月十日这一天,对许多人来说意义非凡,因为这一天是阿尔弗雷德·诺贝尔去世的日子,也是国际人权日,还是诺贝尔奖的颁奖日。但是,二0一0 年的这一天,挪威奥斯陆的诺贝尔颁奖大会却没有高举人权大旗,而是宣读了今年诺贝尔和平奖得主刘晓波的《我没有敌人——我的最后陈述》,这份陈述传递给世界的信息是让世人忘却中共极权制度的反人类罪行并加以无条件宽恕。





“昨夜,让朋友即时发来颁奖实况,用手机短信告之我。我眼含泪水,心中感慨二十一年半就这么过去了……最后宣读刘晓波的‘最后的陈述’时,我心彻骨的凉…… 青春的代价和二十一年的坎坷,等来的却是‘我没有敌人、我没有仇恨’在世界宣扬,‘最后的陈述’等同于在世界传播中共人权进步的表扬信。”








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