An Open Letter to Ms. Herta Mueller, the 2009 Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature, by a Group of Chinese Democracy Advocates

We are a group of people who have devoted ourselves to the cause of democracy in China for several decades. Some of us even spent over 10 years of their youth in a Communist prison. We have always had reservations about Liu Xiaobo. Based on our observations of over 20 years, we believe that he represents a cooperative approach that tries to work with the Chinese Communist regime. Our judgment is once again backed by the fact that, after a year of being detained by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and when others were protesting against his illegal arrest based on his speech, he issued the court statement “I have no enemies — My final statement” . In the statement, he praised the Communist prison as a “humane” and “tender” place, and said that “the CCP has made progress in its governing philosophy”, and that “human rights have become one of the fundamental principles of Chinese law.” This naturally begs the question, if the Chinese Communist Party has really made such progress as declared by Liu, why did it arrest him and sentence him to 11 years in prison just for his speech?

Liu Xiaobo’s prison sentence demonstrates that the CCP government is a die-hard evil regime that cannot even tolerate a cooperative and advising criticizer like Liu Xiaobo. His prison sentence also demonstrates that being cooperative by giving advice while praising CCP’s human rights record leads to nowhere . That is why both domestic and overseas Chinese democracy advocates reacted strongly to Liu’s statement as soon as it was released. Some of us wrote an open letter to the Nobel Peace Prize committee upon learning that he was nominated as a candidate, expressing in no uncertain terms that we did not support awarding Liu the prize and citing the same reasons as we expressed above. This letter was emailed to all the nominators of Liu Xiaobo, including Ms. Mueller, the 2009 laureate of the Nobel Prize in literature.

Disappointingly, the Nobel Committee still decided to award the Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo. Even more disappointingly, Liu’s statement “I have no enemies——My final statement” was recited at the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony. At such an international conference with peace and human rights as its theme, this statement not only praised the CCP’s deploring human rights record, but also specifically named the prison wardens and the CCP judicial officers with high praises. Back in 1975, Andrei Sakharov used most of his speech at his Peace Prize ceremony to expose the appalling human rights record of the Soviet Union, naming in particular dozens of political prisoners and calling for their release. The words by Liu Xiaobo at the ceremony, in contrast, were totally inappropriate and unacceptable to us.

Our criticisms of Liu Xiaobo are all based on facts and out of conscience, which is perfectly normal in a free society. What is abnormal is Ms. Mueller’s article published in the Frankfurter on March 26. She is certainly entitled to voice her support for Liu Xiaobo . However, she used abusive language against those who criticized Liu, saying that “slandering, denunciation and shameless assassination of Xiaobo were the nature of those emails. Perhaps the Chinese intelligence has infiltrated the exiles, or perhaps these exiles have gone mad out of fear and frustration. They play exile revolution on paper far from their homeland, shamelessly rampaging with vicious words, while others in China had to make mistakes because they were taking action, and they could act only according to the situation.”

Because of frequent sabotage from CCP intelligence against the overseas Chinese democracy movement, some believed that the article was a fake, saying that “such a cheap attack cannot be from a Westerner, and it does not sound like someone with class.” Upon hearing confirmation that the article was indeed written by Ms. Mueller, we have to say that it is impossible for us to view her way of thinking and manner of writing as fit for an author, because this assertion and attack of her style was just like that of the propaganda during the era of Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania.

Many of the Chinese democracy advocates have criticized Liu Xiaobo in the past. Among the most severe criticizers are Wang Ruowang and Liu Binyan, both well known dissident writers, who published long articles criticizing in detail Liu’s fundamental mistakes. Also among the criticizers is Wei Jingsheng, the prominent Chinese democracy movement leader, who was imprisoned by the CCP for nearly 20 years. Ms. Mueller labeled these criticisms as “mad out of fear”, “schizophrenic”, “playing exile revolution on paper” and “shamelessly rampaging with vicious words”. These words by Mueller carry apparent personal attitudes and are prejudiced insults.

Furthermore, we do not believe Ms. Mueller knows what Liu Xiaobo actually did in the last 20 years, or the complexity and confusion in the current Chinese democracy movement, or even what actually happened during the hunger strike which Liu was involved in 20 years ago. Therefore, it is our belief that Ms. Mueller is in no position to make the kind of judgment as she did.

Sincerely yours,
April 4,2011

The undersigned (Names listed in alphabetic order ) :

Bian Hexiang (New York, Anti-CCP activist)
Chen Maiping (Sweden,Freelance writer)
Huan Xuewen (Germany,Freelance writer,Chinese dissident)
Diane Liu (Chicago,Freelance writer, Chinese dissident)
Lu Decheng (Canada,Anti-CCP activist. Sentenced by CCP regime for 16 years )
Wang shenglin (Chicago,Senior Finance Information Analyst,Chinese dissident)
Xu Yi (London,Associate Professor,Chinese dissident)
Yang zi (New York, Exile dissident)
Zhang Guoting (Denmark, Internet writer, Anti-CCP activist. Arrested and sentenced by CCP regime in 1960 at age 16 for reactionary crimes,served in prison for 22 years)
Zhang Liangsheng (Hong Kong,Independent commentator)

Xu Shuiliang (New York,Anti-CCP activist. Jailed by CCP regime twice for 14 years)

Zhong Weiguang(Germany,Freelance writer,Chinese dissident)







鉴于中共特工对海外民运的捣乱,有朋友认为这篇文章是伪造的,并写信表示 “这样低劣的东西。我认为口气绝对不仅不是一个西方人的口气,更不是一位有教养的人的口气。”当被证实这篇文章真的是米勒女士写的时,我们只能说,在这里,我们无法把米勒女士的思维和行文看成是一位作家,她这一段,使用的完全是来自齐奥塞斯库的罗马尼亚宣传机构的一种煽动性的宣传手法。


卞和祥 (纽约,中共制度的政治反對派)
陈迈平 (瑞典,自由作家)
还学文 (德国,自由作家)
刘晓东 (芝加哥,自由撰稿人,笔名三妹)
鲁德成 (加拿大,中共制度的政治反對派,因参加八九年天安门运动而判刑十六年)
王胜林 (芝加哥,银行风险分析师,异议人士)
许毅 (伦敦,大学教授,异议人士)
羊子 (纽约,流亡异议人士)
张国亭 (丹麦,网络工作者,被中共政治迫害坐牢长达二十二年)
张良生 (香港,独立时政评论家,笔名张三一言)

徐水良 (美国纽约,流亡异议人士,被中共政治迫害两度坐牢共长达十四年)
仲维光 (德国,自由作家)






“刘晓波事件证明,道义是在悄无声息中、但却非常坚定地起着作用;道义把痛苦留给个人,而向大众展现出坚韧的一面。而早在道义公开登场之前就已经开始,在其后也不停歇,因为它存在于细节之中。欧仁曈饶谒箍猓‥ugène Ionesco)曾经说过:’既然不让我们活,那我们就活在细节之中。’”








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